Carnelo Design have produced graphics both for the web and for print.
This is a selection of some of my recent graphic work. Click on the thumbnails for a larger version of the images.

Birthday Card

Click for larger imageThis is a birthday card designed for a dinner invitation to the french restaurant Champenoise in Stockholm.

The card was developed in october 2006, by Carnelo Design.

Ginza advertisement for Rolf Wikström

Click for larger imageThis is an advertise banner developed for the blues artist, Rolf Wikström. The advertisement was made for the marketing of his new album, LIVE 2005.

The banner was published on in the middle of mars 2006.


Click for larger image This is a logotype for the account firm Sundemans Kontorsservice. The logotype was later used as well as on the website as on business cards, business letters and on invoices.

Invitation Card

Click for larger image This is an invitation card that Carnelo Design developed for an anniversary event for three of the staff members on Branschkansliet.